15 January 2004

Gunther, can you hear me?...or the first post of 2004

Our long national nightmare is finally over. Coach Vermeil officially gives KC 2 more years, and the search is on for a new defense. That means a new Defensive Coordinator.

It seems the wheels are already in motion with some good names
getting tossed about.

I'd like to see Gunther back at the reins. Remember, he was dealing with a
lot of Marty has-beens and never-was's when he was the head coach....Elvis
Grbac, Hello? We can't fault him for that.

Plus, as Vermeil would say, he "goes to work". The man is tireless, a
great, aggressive, attacking D-coordinator.
Just the shot in the arm this team needs.

Finally, guys like Wesley, Woods, Maz, Hicks, Browning, Warfield all played
for Gunther. They KNOW his system. Couple that with the current talent and
the total emphasis on defense in the draft...shutdown corner in the 1st rd,
DT in the second...etc. It's time. Bring back Gunther.
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