18 January 2004

COD Nation wants YOU!

After all this long breaks between posts on the Mainframe, I've decided to George Costanza this problem and use the exact opposite approach.

Heretofore, I've created another blog, tentatively titled COD Nation, where some of my friends may be popping in from time to time to post their thoughts.

At posting time, KO and I are the only writers on this new site, but fret not dear reader, as Ray Kinsella once said,

"If you build it, they will come."

On that note, since I am vehemently opposed to any and all unsolicited emails, I am asking any and all readers interested in participating in this new and exciting forum to step forward and let your voice be seen.

Please leave me a comment at the link conveniently named |Comments| below this post, and let me know that you too wish to join the Nation.

Come on in, future COD Nation Posters of America, the Blogging's fine.
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