24 January 2004

=W= Alert

Mark your calendars, you fans of music, for March 23rd.

It's been brought to my attention that the boys in Weezer are tentatively marking that date for the release of not only the long-awaited Weezer DVD, but a deluxe edition of one of my top ten albums of all time, their debut "Blue Album".

Here's Karl's post on the day in reference:

Freedom from the Stallion
well, its been a long time coming, but from 'on high', we have a tentative release date for BOTH "Video Capture Device" (the Weezer DVD), AND The Blue Album Deluxe Edition: March 23, 2004. (Now, "tentative" means they have put them on their release schedule, and this date is subject to revision. But - if the release date is in fact changed, it won't be changed by much.)

Thats right, The DVD and the Deluxe Blue Album are coming out on the same day. As previously reported here, the DVD will have over 3 hours of videos, mini-documentaries, live footage, and behind the scenes action dating from 1991-2002, and will have optional band member commentary on many of the DVD's selections. The Deluxe Blue Album will be a 2 disc set that includes the blue album and a disc with all the b-sides and a selection of rare and very rare tracks, plus a big fat booklet with lots of stuff to read and tons of pix, many never before seen.

In the coming weeks/months, the release date will be confirmed and youll see the cover art for the dvd. At the moment, the DVD's final assembly and production session is slated for the beginning of February. As more info becomes known it will appear on this news page. Thanks to all the fans for your support and patience on these projects!

[posted 1/15/2004 U.S.A.]

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