29 March 2004

Good Ways to spend a Sunday...

Yes...I was courtside in the corporate section at the Xavier-Duke game today.

By the way...is Luol Deng the Carmelo of 2004? Freshman leading a powerhouse program to the title. Tune in next week...

Anyway...back to the game.
Yes...I met Rep. Dick Gephardt (literally sitting next to us at the game) and hung out with his son (looks just like him)and daughter-in-law (lovely people, all of them).

For the most part, I remained neutral between the 3 teams, with a slight emphasis for the Blue Devils (Dick's son is a Duke alum).

All in all...a monetary rundown of the day:

Tickets: (2) Courtside seats for Atlanta Regional Final - Free (gift from the station GM)
Transportation: Free (My friend Jason drove us to Atlanta)
Fuel: $19.36 (I filled up the tank)
Concessions: (1) Large Diet Coke ($4.50)and the worst 1/2 pound hot dog in culinary history ($6.50)
Parking: Jason paid $5.00 right next to the Dome.
Total: $35.36

Meeting a famous Missourian in the heart of Dixie....Pretty damn cool.

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