09 July 2004

Too Much Livin'...Is No Way To Die
Well, I made a new compilation. Keeping with the theme of driving on the open road and my friend's recent post about Jay Farrar's latest, I decided to come up with a "best-of" mix of Farrar's post-Tupelo band Son Volt especially for the highway. All selections are taken from the band's wonderful trinity of albums, Trace, Straightaways, and Wide Swing Tremolo.
With a lot of my comps, I try to arrange the tracks in a format that I see fit. With Roadcase, I kept the songs in the same order as they appear on the albums, in chronological order of the album's release.
Artistic License or Laziness? You be the judge.
Below is the tracklist for the 80 min disc. I know that some of you out there will have a difference of opinion on said list. Don't be shy. That's why we have the comments section.
Let your voice be heard...and let the debate begin.

Roadcase - The Best of Son Volt
Live Free
Tear Stained Eye
Loose String
Catching On
Too Early
Mystifies Me
Caryatid Easy
Back into Your World
Picking Up The Signal
Left A Slide
Last Minute Shakedown
Been Set Free
Driving the View
Medicine Hat

Disclaimer: This disc is best heard while operating heavy machinery, preferably for a low wage, on a strip of pavement, with a Peterbilt logo adorning the front and mudflaps. Gimme Cap Optional, but encouraged.

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