10 October 2005

4 8 15 16 23 42

If you don't know, you better ax somebody.

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The Cursed Numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)

* The latitude 4.815 and longitude 162.342 are located in the Pacific ocean northeast of Australia.
* Boone found a map of Africa on the smuggler’s plane. Latitude: 16° 23 Min.42 Sec, Longitude: 4° 8 Min. 15 Sec. will put you in *****, pretty close to where the map showed.
* Hurley passed a girls sports team on the scooter in the airport that had all the numbers in order.
* The numbers are on the outside of the hatch,
* Desmond typed in 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 and then hit the EXECUTE button on the keyboard right after he woke up(4 space bar 8 space 15 space 16 space 23 space 42, Execute.16 keystrokes total) ALTHOUGH Locke only types the numbers (no space bar)
* The bottle with the drugs that Desmond injected into his arm reads CR 4-81516-23 42.
* It looks like the number on Jack's hospital badge is 81623 42(not 100% verified yet)


* The number of years ago that Locke was paralyzed.
* The number of years ago that Sam Toomie committed suicide.
* Leonard was playing Connect Four.
* The number of years since Sawyer made his birthday wish.
* The number of Aces (value 1) that were on Boone’s t-shirt. Also, Boone had another t-shirt with Asian letters that say 84.
* Number of Oceanic planes on the mobile in Claire’s dream.
* Number of months Michelangelo stared at marble “working” in Locke’s story. Boone then asked if they were going to stare at the hatch for 4 months.
* Number of spots on Michael’s raft.
* A speed that Hurley’s rental car displayed as it died.
* Kate counts to 4 when she is close to the bottom of the tunnel and right at 4 the lights turn off and that is when she calls out to Locke then the white light turns on(This is a reference back to when Jack told Kate he lets the fear in for 5 seconds and then doesn't let the fear affect him anymore).


* Number of years Michael worked in construction.
* Number of years since Michael was hit by the car.
* The number of years Michael didn’t see Walt.
* The number of people who died in a fire in Hurley’s shoe factory in Canada.
* The number of months Claire was pregnant when the plane crashed.
* Boone had a t-shirt with 84 on it in Asian letters.
* Number of months Locke was talking to Helen before the crash.
* Number of days Charlie went without his guitar before Locke returned it to him.
* Number of weeks Driveshaft was going to go on tour.
* Shannon’s age when her father married Boone’s mother.
* The aisle for regulation footballs in Locke’s store.
* A speed that Hurley’s rental car displayed as it died.
* The person Hurley bought the scooter from had a Crazy Eight’s hat.
* 8 is also how old Sawyer says he was when his Dad shot himself.


* The aisle for Nerf footballs in Locke’s store.
* A speed that Hurley’s rental car displayed as it died.
* 14:15 was the scheduled departure time for Oceanic 815.
* Michael’s estimate of how far out to sea they were when the detected the radar blip.
* 11:15 was the time Sun was suppose to leave Jin
* The number 15 is visible in one of the seats in the foreground as Jack is running up the stadium stairs.


* Number of years Rousseau has been on the island (after hearing the numbers transmission that brought her science team there).
* Number of circles around the outside of the Oceanic Logo.
* Number of hours the flight to L.A. was going to take.
* Number of hours after the crash when the pilot was found.
* Number of weeks the lottery hadn’t been won before Hurley won it.
* Number of years since Boone’s nanny Teresa fell down the stairs and broke her neck.
* Number of years ago that Kate buried the time capsule
* A speed that Hurley’s rental car displayed as it died.
* Number in hundreds that Hurley paid an old man for his scooter.
* The exercise bike Desmond is riding is on 16 MPH.


* The sum of both parts of the plane’s flight number.
* Number of the floor Hurley stayed on at a Sydney hotel.
* Number of the gate the plane took off from.
* Jack’s seat number on the plane was 23A.
* Rose and Bernard were sitting next to Jack in row 23, too.
* The reward for turning in Kate was $23,000
* The morning of their departure from Sydney, Walt woke Michael up at 5:23
* The temperature in Hurley’s rental car when it died.
* Sarah got her feeling back at 2:30.
* Someone mentioned Jack trips on a step numbered 23, but that is not verifiable yet. No screencap I have seen yet proves it.


* Leonard was playing Connect 4. 42 is the number of spaces on a connect four game board.
* Rousseau wrote down the number sequence seven times, creating a matrix that totals 42.
* Ana-Lucia was sitting in seat 42F.
* Room number of Hurley’s room at the Sydney hotel.
* The distance Hurley’s rental car had traveled when it died.
* 10:42 was the scheduled arrival time of flight 815 in L.A.
* Apparantly polar bears have 42 teeth ??
* The last number Desmond turns the safe combination to is 42.
* The mural on the tunnel wall also has the number 42.


* The flight number of the plane.
* The number of the safety deposit box Kate robbed.
* Charlie was trying to sell Copier model 815-C.
* The date of Kate’s time capsule is August 15, 1989, 8-15.
* Claire had a appointment at 8:15 on the day of the crash
* The number on the building Sayid walked into in Sydney.
* 8:15 was the time of death for the driver who struck Sarah.


* The total of all the numbers added together 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108
* The minutes they have between each time they have to enter the numbers on the computer in the hatch.
* The mural on the tunnel wall also has the number 108.

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