07 October 2005


Fast Food Nutrition.

Think about it. What about those two words make any sense?

I'm beginning to think that I've lost time at some point and find myself in some kind of bizarro universe, possibly involving Chuck Heston and soylent green.

If I haven't, let me know.

I'm just trying to wrap my head around the "nutritious" value of the new KFC slopbucket that they're pushing on commercials?

Oh, it's marketed as a Cheesy Chicken Potato Bowl...but I prefer Slopbucket.

Basically, it's mashed potatoes, corn, and breaded chicken strips, all piled into a bowl and doused with gravy and topped with 3 cheeses. For $2.99.

I'm no health nut, but the 2 times I've seen those commercials...forgive me, Happy Bunny...I've thrown up in my mouth a little.

Am I alone here?

Oh yeah...don't get me started on the BK Meat'Normous Omelet Sandwich.

Here's your stats on that one:

Enormous Omelet Sandwich
740 calories
410g calories from fat
46g total fat
16g saturated fat
1g trans fat
330mg cholesterol
1950mg sodium
45g total carbs
3g dietary fiber
8g total sugars
37g protein

The tagline: So big, Breakfast will never be the same.

Neither will your arteries.
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