14 May 2006

Checkin' In

greetings from the sunshine state's gulf coast!!!

i know, i know...it's been forever since i've posted.

i'm just uninspired when it comes to posting.

this week, though, gave me some sweet jerkyesque fodder to chew on.

so, here's what i'm pondering:

1. The Office
what a cliffhanger, huh? sure, if you watched the bbc version, you had a clue, but the way it happened was still very exciting.

not sure if i can wait to find out what happens next...what did you think?

(notice i was nice & didn't spoil the plot for those that haven't checked their tivo yet)

2. Earl
what a solid first season for the hickey boys. it'll be tough to top it, but the show is built to last, with every episode centered around a item on his list...makes it nearly staleproof.

hey crabman...see ya next season.

3. metal mayhem month on vh1
the excitement has dwindled as of late, but the month kicked off with a bang, watching the 40 greatest metal songs, and all the other great shows about all things metal. hope it picks up again, i could use a little more maiden and priest in my diet.

and, finally...

4. El Hombre's assault on the record books
there's no slowing down our man Pujols. dude just became the fastest to 19 hr in mlb history. set a new april record for hr, and has 47 rbi...it hasn't even been 2 months.
Viva los Cardinals y Viva el Hombre!!!

that's all i got...i could say that i'll try to post more often...but i've burned that bridge already...i'll just say that i promise to post more frequently.

maybe bi-monthly...kidding...i'll try harder...have a little faith.
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