02 June 2006

Drowning in Dormancy

What has two thumbs and sux ass?

This Guy!!!

So, this is my obligatory post about how I haven't posted in an eon.
How I promise to fix it.
How I'll change my ways.

Who am I kidding?

If you want updates on the life of moi, KO and Zoe, make sure to check out the misses' site, From Peaches to Beaches.
Always good stuff to be found.

With that, here's some happenings around the Fox Hole:

- I've been listening to tons of metal lately....with many thanks to the kids at VH1.
AC/DC. Metallica. Priest. Sabbath. Leppard. Tool. All gracing the iTunes as of late.
Obviously, there's nothing wrong with that. Just weird when you're flashing some metal at the office (Funny...co-worker offer the strangest looks when you give them the horns.)

- Are any of you freakin' out about 6.6.06? Yeah, neither am I.

- A couple of the TV nerds and I are hooking up our iTunes on the net. That's pretty cool, except we're all discovering that we hav the same taste in music. Surprisingly, there's little overlap...so, overall, it's pretty bangin' (did I just channel Jonathan from "Blow Out"?)

Some new TV shows with a little promise:

Wonder Showzen -- Demented, but genius.
Last Comic Standing -- I liked Jay Mohr, but I can live with Anthony Clark as a host.
Scripps Spelling Bee -- funny ass shit all day today. Some co-workers were givin' KO crap about watching the Bee. Blasphemy...that's the real reality TV. True blue social awkwardness, not the manufactered, posturing kind on every other show.
So You Think You Can Dance... -- Psych. Just wanted to make sure you were still reading this...

More Random Thoughts

I feel bad because I forgot that some Foxies were hitting the City Tavern tonight and I didn't go.
Horse Apples.
Sorry, y'all...slipped my mind completely.
Catch you next time. Don't forget about me.

Re-watched "The Life Aquatic"...such a good flick. Bill Murray is a god.

Hope all is well with you, dear reader. Come back again...maybe I'll remember to write something.

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