06 June 2006


The day of reckoning is upon us.
Or, so I've heard.

But, before we get carried away with the number of the beast once again, including all of our friends looking to make a buck on the fear behind the number, a little food for thought.

Tim Townsend of the St. Louis Post Dispatch presents a different theory that's definitely not a new "revelation". (Sorry...couldn't help myself)

Check out why that infamous set of sixes may not mean what you think.

"Most scholars now agree that what John was up to was gematria,
or Hebrew numerology.

Back then there were no separate symbols for numerical values," said
the Rev. Louis A. Brighton, a professor of New Testament interpretation at
Concordia Seminary. So letters did double-duty as numbers. The Hebrew consonants
that spelled out "Nero Caesar," in the Greek form of the name, add up to 666.
(Transliterated into the Latin form of Nero Caesar, the numbers add up to
So, here we are, freaking out all this time, and the dude's already come and gone on our mortal coil nearly some 20 centuries previous.

Blame Nero, everyone.

Mystery solved.

I'm sure that will be the end of that mess.

What's that? It won't.

Oh well.

It all depends on your view...be it preterist, futurist, historicist, idealist, Catholic, Protestant, or esoteric, The Apocalypse of John makes for many antithetic and disparaging views.

But, can you blame me for trying?

Happy Mark of the Beast Day everyone!
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