18 November 2006

CorePod 11.18.06


You mean people do still check in on our humble space in the cybersphere? Methinks I'm touched.

Thanks to our TWO readers....we've doubled the readership in 2 days! Take that, TIME Magazine!

Anyway, so I don't keep your eyeballs waiting any longer...my playlist:


  1. Kamera -- Wilco (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot): The David Eckstein of Playlists. Solid, Consistent, Timeless. A great leadoff hitter.
  2. Do You Wanna Hit It? -- The Donnas (The Donnas Turn 21): Oldie but goodie. Before they blew up with "Spend The Night", our favorite estrogen fueled rock band were just reaching drinking age. Great album, with a cover of Judas Priest's hit, "Livin' After Midnight". NOTE: I just added a lot of The Donnas to the iPod, so they be pretty heavy in the rotation. That is not a bad thing. BTW...ladies, if you looking for a good rocker and you're all Joan Jetted out, try these ladies.
  3. Start Me Up -- Rolling Stones (Hot Licks): Reminds of good times, and KC Chiefs kickoffs. Actually, those are good times, too.
  4. Sellout -- Reel Big Fish (Turn The Radio Off): YES! Fuckin' love this song. Plus, Mona's doesn't have it in their karaoke rotation. Blasphemy! Do they want me to stop singing there? Probably. But, you know I would nail this one! Out of the park!
  5. Rockin' In The Real World -- Neil Young & Pearl Jam (Greatest Hits): Man, that is a kick ass handful of music. I defy you to top that list...and we're only half way home. Surely it will climax with this song....Surely.
  6. My Hero -- Foo Fighters (The Colour And The Shape): OK...maybe not climaxing yet...just like the Yodeling Mountain Climber on The Price is Right: still climbing. BTW...one of my student films in college featured this little number....it's about a good samaritan helping peeps in strange but humorous ways, then running off to save the next poor soul in need.
  7. Bleed American -- Jimmy Eat World (Jimmy Eat World): Wow...Brock remembers this song....it was our discovery of the quartet from Arizona. They were opening for Weezer and Tenacious D, and we'd never heard anything they did. So, we were a little skeptical. Long story short: They stole the show. We were instant fans. Bought the album the next day. Funny how these discoveries happen sometimes.
  8. Route -- Son Volt (Trace): Another absolute gem from 1995. Trace is an incredible album, and a must own for any alt country fan. Thanks Brock for turning me on to that whole genre. The whole album reminds me of home. The Show Me State cast in a good light.
  9. Creosote -- Son Volt (Straightaways): A rare double from the same artist. It's nice to hear this rarity from Jay's Farrar's second album as Son Volt. A nice mid tempo song after 8 rawkers.
  10. Too Late For Love -- Def Leppard (Pyromania): Holy Shit! KO's lovin' that...and so am I. Probably my favorite song from the greatest hair metal album of all time; it's a toss-up between this and "Billy's Got a Gun"). Epic. A actual Storyline in the song. Good run of songs. Now that's how you end a playlist.

Thoughts? Thesis? Your diatribes on some of the above gems is greatly appreciated.

Addendum: I'll probably start simul-posting these on the myspace page as well, so more eyeballs can see them. In Marketing, we call that Synergy. Location, Location, Location...

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