25 November 2006

CorePod Shuffle 11.25.06

Last night was a blast at Mona's. Got the whole bar to sing along to my rendition of "Just A Gigolo". Even provided a little shirt button rip open for the masses....no worries, ladies...I was sporting a black under-shirt...boo! Also, you gotta love those snap up western shirts for just those occasions.
Another day, another walk with the mini music monster....here's what moi is shuffling on tonight's stroll around the neighborhood.

  1. Pride and Joy -- Stevie Ray Vaughan (Double Trouble): Good kickoff....a little long, but who cares.
  2. Today -- Smashing Pumpkins (Greatest Hits): Nice little flashback to the high school days....i loved this video back in the day....painting up an ice cream truck....good stuff.
  3. Build Me Up Buttercup -- The Foundations (Very Best of): Wow...now that's a song. Great for karaoke....only done it once....KO tells i was slightly off key. Moi? Off Key? I have to take her word for it....but really? Judges' ruling please...
  4. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) -- Journey (Greatest Hits): Another winner. All I remember most about this video is the weird camera angle changes....very cheesy. Someday love will find you (take overhead cam)...break those chains that bind you (take crotch cam) one night will remind you...
  5. Listen To My Heart -- The Ramones (All That Stuff & More): Good Ramones tune....really, is there a bad Ramones tune?
  6. February Stars -- Foo Fighters (The Colour And The Shape): Nice change of pace to start the 2nd half....one of the true gems from my favorite Foo album. This album came at a crossroads in my life. I'd just ended an engagement to my high school sweetheart the year previous, and i was just getting out of my 3 month disco phase (don't knock it...sometimes you just need lots of happy mindless beats to help you move on). After that, I went back to the rocking starting with Weezer's Pinkerton (a concept album about a brokenhearted dude...surprising) followed closely by Colour & Shape. Sometimes the right music comes along at the right time and really makes sense while stamping a permanent watermark on your life. Anytime I hear songs from those albums, they transport me back to that place or time. Good or bad: it's always healthy.
  7. Everlong -- Foo Fighters (The Colour And The Shape): See above. They say that "Music is the soundtrack of your life". True that....true that.
  8. Guitar -- Cake (Prolonging The Magic): God, I love Cake. Both of them. This was always my co-favorite song from this album, sharing honors with the countrified diddy, Walk On By. Reminds me of my first year at CMSU...good times.
  9. Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here): Great song. Funny story...three girls did this song one night at karaoke...FYI: not a good karaoke song. Too many looooong instrumental breaks. People always regret it in the end. Too bad....such a great song. Word of Advice: Think before you sing.
  10. Doctor Worm -- They Might Be Giants (Dial-A-Song): Say what you will...the iPod always picks a good ender. Takes me back to the TMBG concert that my college buddies and i drove three hours to see....we thought we were going to have a bitch of a time getting tickets. Turns out no one really showed up. How do you not show up when a band that good plays at your shitty college? Idiots.

Peace - Love - Death Metal

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