22 February 2007

It's Fun To Spare

It seems like forever, but Kirsten and I went bowling again tonight. Hey...we gotta get some use out of those shoes we bought.

Last night was our co-worker Marisa's birthday, and she wanted to hit the lanes for old times' sake. How can you deny the birthday girl, right?

Granted, she already had a kickass surprise party Saturday (thanks again to her wonderful parents for a great time), but that can't be the only festivities, can it?

It was a great turnout tonight...about 20 people from Fox and Waterman. Not to mention, some really good bowling.

As bad as I did the last time I toed the boards, I was surprised to not stink up Gator Lanes any more than its normally pungent aire. Kirsten held her own...but couldn't hold up to my dumb luck rolling the stones.

Final score for the happy couple:
KO 100
CO 146

Finally, as a nice little capper, Gator Lanes decided to forego the usual crapfest they call music entertainment and treat the patrons to a phenomenal night of mullet rock the likes of which has ne'er been seen.

Kiss, Dokken, GnR, Metallica, Poison, and Twisted Sister just to name a few. You name the Aquanet wielding band, they had it.

All in all, a good time for all at the corner of Crystal Drive and US 41 in the City of Palms.

Rest well, dear reader...and to paraphrase the great Roy E. Munson, 1979 Iowa Amateur Champion, if you're leavin' buckets, it means coming a little light in the pocket and hooking the head pin around the 3. Try moving a few boards to the left.

Words to live by, my friends.

Here's hoping Life Deals You More Strikes than Gutters,

The Dude abides.
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