07 December 2007

Dark Side of The Rainbow

So, I'm slaving away at the office today....running around, barking orders, kissing hands, shaking babies...you know, a typical Friday.

Then, a magazine in the newsroom caught my eye. Mainly, because Bill Murray was on the cover -- in a Fat Jumpsuit Elvis costume, no less. So, I'm flipping through the book, looking for the cover article, when I happen upon another blurb talking about the "Dark Side of the Rainbow" phenomenom. You know about this, right? The syncronicity between The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. If you're interested, you can find articles critiquing the experiment at StraightDope, the first mainstream reporter experiment, and an entire site dedicated to the process.

How cool is the InterWeb?

If you don't know of what I speak, see link above. We can still be friends...just read the Wiki first. I'll wait.

If you do know what's up, you're a cool person. I'm not sure why I'm hanging on the other half. Seriously...how do you not know about this? Why aren't you filling your head with useless info like me?

Moving on...

Welcome back. I did some extensive research (i.e typed in youtube.com) and found exactly what i suspected -- The first part of the film available right at your fingertips (here is a playlist I've made for your conveinience).

If you want to the original movie soundtrack mashed in with the album track...google video has you covered.

Did I mention how much I love YouTube...and the InterWeb?

So, fire up a fattie, sit back and relax. Heaven awaits over the rainbow.

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