26 August 2008

Go For The Gustav

so, i know it's been awhile since i've blogged. surprise, surprise.

well, i just started a new job at the station, overseeing the websites. my first day was last monday...which just happened to coincide with a fiesty little weather system named Fay. Though it stayed a tropical storm, it still created some major headaches for everyone....myself included.

so, you can imagine my wish to enjoy a normal workweek filled with the minutiae we've all come to know and love.
then...Gustav decides to shake things up a bit. now, there's a chance that it won't just screw up a workweek, but a holiday one at that.

so, join me in collectively blowing towards the west, won't you? here's hoping all of our high pressure can keep that nasty sonuvabitch in the western gulf.

a fella can dream, can't he?
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