09 July 2010

My Open Letter Re: the LeBron Debacle

I wrote the passage below in a comment on Facebook to a true Cleveland fan and dear friend of mine about my take on the whole LeBron circus.  I'm not taking sides in this whole matter, this is just a objective take on how all the parties involved lost in some way on The Decision, or as an ESPN columist described it, The Mistake.

This was the tweet I sent that referred to:

Enjoy.  I'll take your comments and crosschecks in the spaces provided below.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am excited that [LeBron's] coming to Miami to make that team relevant again.

I feel bad for the fans of Cleveland, losing such a great player.  You guys have been through a lot.

That said, The "Suitable for burning" comment was a joke.  I think it's pathetic to burn his jersey...it's such a sophomoric gesture.  I know that you're upset, but burning a jersey.  Grow up.  If you're really that mad about it and feel betrayed, burning the jersey just stoops to his level.  I'm not trying to defend LeBron...his "special" was a ridiculous display of hubris and ego, no matter whose idea it was.  Just a sick, sick circus.

And, as for the Cavs owner:  Way to show your cards, buddy.  How about saving a little face and maybe show a little class in the whole situation?
All he did was let emotion take over, and make him unsympathetic.

LeBron did some great things for that city...and I don't like how he chose to leave, but it was his choice...and if that the owner Gilbert meant every word of that letter, why would he want him back?  Sounds like LeBron just would've kept them down.

Sorry for the soap box...but I had to say it somewhere.  I know you're a great Cleveland fan, Cristina...so none of the above applies to you.
Again, sorry for your loss.

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