03 August 2003

Foreign Coorespondence

Good Morning.
I'm coming to you from our branch division in Springfield Missouri where I'm taking a 5-day "vacation" to visit our SW Missouri team, Casey and Nicole (My brother and his girlfriend).

I also met with other team members from the Missouri branch, namely (in order by height, shortest to tallest).
Aunt Suzanne, my mom Chris, my cousin's new bride, Amari, the aforementioned cousin Gavin, my dad Mike, and my uncle Jerry. Suzanne, Jerry, Amari, and Gavin come to us from the Moberly office, while Chris handles the original home office in Kirksville, with Mike manning the Kansas City branch.
Now that we have the exposition out of the way, a brief synopsis of our trip to Springfield.

Day 1 | Thursday, 31 July 2003 | 8:01 am
I say goodbye to the homestead before trekking off to Atlanta to catch my 11:23 flight to Kansas City. Since I'm secure in my masculinity, I can safely that I miss my girlfriend and our Zoe terribly already. What can I say? They're too damn cute. Seriously, I'm lucky.
9:20 am
Made good time to Hartsfield, plus with the conveinence of being a Delta customer, I made it to my plane gate in about 25 minutes upon arrival.
Things were looking up.
9:50 am
Settle in to put a dent in the book I'm reading, Moneyball. With a hour before boarding, the day seems promising.
11:10 am
Begin boarding Flight 1236. Looks like we'll take off on time.
11:42 am
Plane leaves gate 15 minutes late. We're not shocked.
1:10pm / 12:10 pm
Change watch to Central time. All time is Central forthwith.
12:20 pm
Plane touches down in Kansas City. Another death averted.
12:45 pm
Meet my mom in the pick-up zone. Not a "perfect pick-up, but damn close.
1:30 pm
Eat lunch at Cracker Barrel in Lee's Summit, Mo. (Mom's choice). Leaves little to be desired.
3:00 pm
Arrive at Independence Center in Independence Mo. Buy a Royals and Cardinals T-shirt (cause they're so easy to find in Columbus). Buy Kirsten a present.
5:30 pm
Leave for Kauffman Stadium to catch the Royals-White Sox clash at 7:00 pm.
6:00 pm
Arrive at game. Immediately head for our seats (Section 306, Row K, 1 & 2). Proceed down to field level to catch remnants of White Sox batting practice (1 HR). Head back to our seats. Stop to grab concessions and a scorecard plus pencil.
7:10 pm
First pitch: Called Strike for Kyle Snyder to Roberto Alomar.
10:57 pm
Final out: Royals lose 8-6 in 11 innings. A valiant effort, but the White Sox sweep the series in KC, pulling to within a game of first place in the AL Central.
11:10 pm
Dejected, we begin long trip south to Springfield.
2:00 am
Arrive at Casey and Nicole's. Shortly thereafter, fall asleep reading Moneyball.

Stay tuned for the rest of my trip...
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