26 August 2003

The World has Turned and Left Me Here

Have you ever been in a music rut?
You know, where no music really inspires you, or moves you, or just plain rocks you?

Well, I've been in a music rut for a few weeks now, and for the longest time, I couldn't shake it.

Until tonight.

Then I popped in the Blue Album and recharged my batteries.
Sure, it's arguably my favorite album of all time (and definitely holds the most influence in my life as the first to truly open my eyes to a whole new world). But, it's also one of the few records that I know can kick me out of a serious funk and help me to find the love in music.

So the question is: What album inspires you? Defines you? Helps you to break out of your personal music funk?
(Leave your comments in the aforementioned link below)

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