21 October 2003

Chief Concern

While the Priest made an excellent maiden voyage on Monday night, the rest of the Chiefs offense nearly sunk the unbeaten ship, squeaking past the hated Raiders, 17-10.

Gonzo turned in another nice performance, but no one can hide the fact that the passing game leaves plenty to be desired. Sure, it looked great against the Pack, but teams won't be handing us wins much longer.

I submit that the Raiders were dominated in the first half, but the Raiders made a great run and capitalized on the Chiefs' inability to finish an opponent.

This Chiefs team is in no way truly indicative of the way they can play. They haven't come close to their potential.

In a way, I was somewhat pleased with the events that transpired the night previous. It may serve a reminder to a team riding high that they still must come to work every day and take care of business the old-fashioned way.

All this and with another national test against the suddenly surging Bills coming up Sunday night, a nice wake-up call may be what the doctor ordered.

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