22 September 2004

Armchair TV Critic

Hey, I can do this. I've worked in the TV business for nearly 5 years as a professional, so it's a short leap to critic.

ABC was kind enough to send us a wonderful 3 DVD pack with the new 04-05 Network Pilots set to debut this fall. I was only interested to see a few, so here's what I thought:

  • Lost

What a great show. More like a movie disguised as a TV drama. Very intense scenes, but executed wonderfully. Alias creator J.J. Abrams did a magnificent job with this 2 hour pilot. A must see...you'll be hooked.

Full Season.

  • Life As We Know It

Think a serious version of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" with one fatal error: The fourth wall testimonials are laaaame. Much like Ferris Bueller and the aforementioned Parker, you have to step up the writing in the asides. Challenge the viewer. Witty and Clever is what the kids want. The writing displayed here insults the audience's intelligence. If this isn't fixed or scrapped altogether, the show won't last till Homecoming.

3 shows and out.

  • Rodney

Typical comediam showcase sitcom. Should appeal to the Nascar Dads of the world. Defies all logic, and if ABC plays their cards right and handcuffs it with According to Jim, Rodney gets a season under his belt.

Full Season.

There you have it. Happy viewing!

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