01 September 2004

Getting The Bug (Again)


CAMERA pans left across what appears to be an apartment wall, with a large case full of DVDs. Most titles are familiar, cutting into closeups of CITIZEN KANE and his collection of STAR WARS films.
As CAMERA continues to pan left, we see a computer desk come into frame. JUMP CUT into CU of Fingers typing feverishly away. frantically spewing out the owner's thoughts.
CUT to CORY, a man in his late twenties, staring intently at his computer screen, mumbling the contents of my incessant typing. Whatever he sees brings a displeased look to his face. After throwing back the last of his Diet Pepsi and stroking the back of his cat ZOE, he begins again the dance of digits across the keyboard.

So, I'm watching Adaptation again after checking it out from the library, and the bug begins to creep into my head.

That's what I need to be doing. I need to be making movies.

Every so often, something I read, watch, encounter, whatever it might be, will spark something in my being to get back to what I love doing: making movies.

I realize while I'm writing this that my moviemaking experiences comprise solely of film school.
Sure, I can somewhat convince myself that the TV business is an avenue to express my creative juices, but I'm not that naive.

So, when the "bug" returns, it usually jars me into a state of creative flux where I'm comtemplating the pros and cons of writing, storytelling, and making movies.

Some of us call this motivation. All I know is that ideas come in and out of my head, 99.9% contrived and unoriginal. But, hope springs eternal that one idea will stick, perhaps even stand out from the mound of drivel that accompanies it. Maybe that's what keep me coming back.

In all honesty, there's really very little unappealing about moviemaking, except for the money lost and not made chasing a seemingly unattainable dream.

The best thing about these occasional lapses back into the creative vortex is that for the past four years, I have someone along for the ride.

Kirsten said tonight that she thinks between the two of us, we'd make a great writing team. I hope she's right.

The voices in my head are starving for some company.
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