31 August 2004

Searching for Mel Kiper

I just got word tonight that the other fantasy league that I thought would never come to fruition has finally joined the race.

One roadblock: They're doing an offline draft this Sunday @ 4 ET. Eck. This seriously blows.

Excuse my geekiness, but one of the great joys of FF is the online draft. Sure, the first one's the toughest, but KO made out like a bandit in her maiden voyage.

Unfortunately, all the convincing in the world couldn't sway the judges at this particular league. It seems the majority of the fellas in this bunch aren't what you would call computer-savvy.

That's cool. Taking their money will feel a little sweeter. Not that I would condone gambling in any way, shape, or form.

Anyhoo, I may be incorporating the help of my readers (who am I kidding? reader) as a makeshift "war room" for the draft.

What? How can you turn down an opportunity to help build Chico's Bail Bonds from scratch to a championship contender? Have you no soul?

So, if your phone rings around 4 pm on Sunday, you'd be best not to answer.

You've been forewarned.
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