06 August 2004

The Perks (and Perils) of A Career in Television

I'm going to see the Braves take on the best team in baseball August 14th, and thanks to 4 comp tickets after working my TV magic, it won't cost me a thing.

Except for the $12 to park.
Plus the $9 for a Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich at The Bullpen before the game.
And another $9 dropped at The 'Pen for 3 Bud Lights to load up before the game.
(I refuse to pay for beer inside a stadium - no-one to co-sign on a loan and I don't have a house to take out a morgage.)
Also, another $4 inside the park for a Diet Coke. (see above)
And, the $10 for gas.
Total --- $44.oo

Oh yeah, worst of all, my best friend, girlfriend, coolest chick I know, and co-ambassador of fun can't go because she's working.
In the immortal words of Yosemite Sam: Rack-a-frak-a, Rack-a-frak-a.

Hey, at least the tickets were free.

PS: Rolen for MVP. Respect.
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