25 August 2004

MOM. Use as directed.

Ahh...beach volleyball. Such a great and wonderful sport.

Before anyone thinks I'm only watching for the scenery, let me preface this by saying:

1. The sheer athleticism and versatility that each team must possess is unbelievable.
2. Who am I kidding? The ladies are definitely easy on the eyes.

That said, while watching the gold medal match between Americans Kerri Walsh and Misty May against Brazil tonight and against Americans Holly McPeak and Elaine Youngs in the semis last night, I noticed something odd.

The story goes as such:

"Before her semifinal match, a victory against McPeak and Youngs, [Misty May] quietly sprinkled the ashes of her deceased mother over the sands of the Olympic venue on Monday night. Barbara May died of cancer two years ago. That was the private moment. Tuesday, she and Walsh filled the outdoor stadium with their joy in a very public manner."

That's a very touching story. But, while watching Misty May showing the camera her mother's remains, the container she was using to hold the ashes caught my eye.

A used medical perscription bottle.

I'm not going to speculate as to why she chose this receptacle to house her mother's remains. She's a big girl. Perhaps there's some underlying significance.

I'm just saying, I might've gone another route. Just a guess.

Congratulations to Misty May and Kerrie Walsh and enjoy the remainder of the Olympics.

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