07 April 2005

The Horsehide is Back

No, that isn't some sick nickname for myself...Baseball, baby, BASEBALL!!!

The Cards are locked in at 1-1, with Chris Carpenter looking dominant in the first game, only to look not so much so in the second.

The Royals are also at .500, while giving us the polar opposite, allowing Dmitri Young to do his Tuffy Rhodes impression with 3 yaks in the first game (lost 11-2), and a stellar performance by the young Royals (Runelys, Teahen, Berroa) in the second game (won 7-2).

Optimism is abound in the O'Donnell/KO homestead, but the best part of baseball season:
The over-the-top voices of your team's resident play-by-play guys.

Classic stuff. Thank you, Bob Uecker.

P.S. Welcome to Springfield, Mr. Ankiel...nice to see that you made it through waivers without a scratch.
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