27 April 2005

Shopping For Some Steals

After dinner last night, KO and I headed over to one of our fine department stores for a little window shopping.

In the process, I suspect I was suffering for withdrawal. What began as a stroll around the store ended up with over $50.00 in new goodies to take home.

Among the haul we find the following:

- bought 3 albums:
Ben Folds - Songs for Silverman $11.98
Hot Hot Heat - Elevator $13.99
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment $7.99

Early reviews
- Ben Folds is ehhhh, OK.
- Kaiser Chiefs...amazing...check it out.
- Hot Hot Heat...I'll check it out tomorrow....got a feeling that I'll like it.
- Had to pass on the new "Queens" album, though...hey, I'm not made of dinero.

Other items:
- New STL Cards blue unstructured cap....already had the Sunday "bird on bat" fitted BP model...felt the old standby road adjustable was needed.
- $1 "Girls Night Out" Jenga game...first off, it's a gift. Second, Kirsten wanted it. It isn't for me. Really.

Bear in mind...I was planning on just looking around. So a big surprise was in store for me when I returned home after work.

While I was digging out my wallet and key from mi pantelones when I got home a few hours later, I found something that apparently didn't make it to the register. Oops. As you can imagine, I was genuinely shocked. I've only done that one other time.
As a little guy, I walked out of a Pamida with my mom and grandma with a Snoopy book in my hand that belonged to the store. Never returned the item...now, the same scene is playing out over 20 years later.

What else can I say? I'm driving the Winnebago to hell. Call me if you need a ride.
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