19 April 2005

Lost In Tradition

My ten year reunion is upon me. This much we already know.

Along with this milestone comes another: The tenth anniversary of KHS' lone baseball state championship. A feat that this author helped come to fruition.

The caveat: To the reunion I am going, but the baseball soiree, a no-show.

The main reason for this being that the baseball weekend falls one week prior to my brother's nuptials, and I don't have the vacation time to commit to an entire week in the 'Ville.

I must confess, though; it sounds like a good time is in store for those that do come home.

You see, the current head coach leading the grand tradition that is Kirksville Tiger Baseball is a former teammate and mentor of mine, Mr. Andrew Jackson.
And, in my opinion, a finer representative to the Tiger Baseball Way cannot be found.

It is with this thought that I'm regretting the fact that I'm not attending.
I'll admit, it would be nice to see the old ball field, with all its new and improved amenities. It would be nice to doff my cap to the KHS faithful and be honored on said field as a member of the 1995 State Championship Baseball team before the game; nice to see my brother Casey, and the rest of the boys from that great team; nice to see those teams that came before us, laying the foundation, and the young men that followed in our footsteps, carrying the legacy, even up until this very day, thanks to the man that's making all this possible.

Thanks Andy, for all you do for the Tiger tradition. I'm only sorry I can't be there to share this with you in person.

Just know that the work you're carrying on doesn't go unnoticed.
Thanks for keeping those dreams alive. Thanks for shaping those future members of this prestigious fraternity and rekindling the old fire for the alumni.

As a player, I always looked up to you, for the way you played the game, how you took the young guys under your wing, and your leadership in every sense of the word.

Thanks for carrying the torch for all of us. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Take care.
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