04 January 2006

Greetings from the Cape

I'm baaaaaaaack.

The SportsLady and I finally got the computer up and running last night, so here's my first correspondence from the Sunshine State.

Also, I know you all missed my buddy the header at the top of the screen, so you'll be happy to know that it's back as well.

To recap what's been going down in the last few days:

Sunday: Cleaning and checking out some of our local shoppes.

Monday: Our first trip to Naples for their New Year Fine Arts Fest. So gorgeous...75 and sunny every day so far on the Gulf Coast.

Tuesday: Our first trip to Fort Myers Beach. Another picturesque day on the softest sand these feet hath ever touched. A little more cleaning.

Wednesday: KO back to work...I begin my search. Temps: 75 and sunny.

Brace yourself though for this bad news: Thanks to a dip in the jet stream, it's supposed to cool down to the unbearable frozen tundra-esque temperature of (Gasp!) 60 degrees this weekend.

Break out the parkas and grab your booties cause it's cooooolllllldddd out there!

Hope all is well and I trust you had a safe and happy holiday season.

Cheers from the Cape!!
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