26 January 2006

Kaos in the "Dollhouse"

Well, since I haven't heard back from Kaos after leaving a message a few days ago, I'll have to share this news regarding him with anyone and everyone visiting this site.

Don't worry it's not that embarrassing. In fact, if it were me in his predicament, I'd think it's pretty cool.

I was watching the Todd Solondz film "Welcome to the Dollhouse" the other night and about 5 minutes into the flick, I noticed something very familiar on the screen.

Early in the movie, the main character, a 12 year old girl named Dawn Wiener, is watching a Quiz Bowl on TV while having an argument with her little sister. As is cut back and forth between the Quiz Bowl program and the argument, there was a familiar voice moderating the TV program.

Then it happened.

It cuts back to the program and we get our first and fast glimpse of the mystery moderator. It's undeniable and confirms my suspicion.

There on the screen is a young Kaos, in suit and tie, holding court for a myriad of young bright students. Since we're both about the same age, I'm guessing he was a sophomore/junior in high school at the time, and the clip credits at the end confirmed all this for me geographically as well.

I couldn't believe it. I thought, "How cool is that?". I also wanted so badly to share this with him.

But, I couldn't reach him by cell. So, this will have to do. I hope it's alright, my airing of this potentially sensitive material.
If nothing else, you can at least add yourself to IMDB.com actor page:

Kaos' film credit: "Welcome to the Dollhouse" (1995)
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