26 July 2006

Colby In The Cards

Tuesday night, KO and I caught everyone's favorite Cardinals prospect, Colby Rasmus, at the PB Cards - Miracle game last night.

Colby went 1 for 4 with a single and 2 RBI. One ball he hit for an out was a rocket right at 2B.

While we were taking in the game, who should we happen to run into in the stands?

Colby's parents.

As many of you know, when we lived in Columbus, KO covered Colby's baseball games in high school. In the process, she developed a great relationship with his parents, who are really great people.
We sat with them from the 4 inning on...dissecting Colby's at bats, catching up on the other prospects, and how Colby handling big league life.
They're busy running around Fla, following their two sons in the minors. (Cory is pitching in Orlando with the Braves, I believe.)

We talked about the trade rumors, and how distracting they can be. It was wonderful hanging out with them, and getting some insight into Colby's journey through the big league system.

He always said that from the day he was drafted, he's been the Cards' No. 1 fan.

But, it is a business. I for one, feel that all of the trade rumors are laughable, and after seeing him play for the last 4 years, I truly believe it would be a huge mistake to trade away the future CF of the Cards.

Here's hoping Colby only wears the Birds on the Bat. That no. 4 looks good where it is.
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