17 July 2006

Good NewsRadio

It happened so suddenly, but immediately I was excited about the news at the end of this TV promo.

While watching a summer lineup revamp spot for Nick At Nite, nothing really jumped out at me to grab my attention.

Then, just as I was about to click along to the next channel, the mention of a new show joining the Nick @ Nite lineup:


Here's a little tidbit from the above page on the show's origin:

"[NewsRadio] was one of the quickest pilots ever filmed, taking about 90
minutes. The cast clicked immediately. [Paul] Simms had crafted the roles
for [Dave] Foley, [Phil] Hartman, and [Andy] Dick, and the others were up
to the task. Incidentally, Ray Romano was originally cast as the handyman
but fired during the making of the pilot. His slower-paced comedy style
simply did not mesh with the shotgun pace at the cornerstone of NewsRadio’s
manic antics."

Adios, Twilight Zone.
It looks like I've found a new show to obsessively record.

Prepare thyself for a new Season Pass, TiVo.
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