25 July 2006

The Law Has Arrived in KC

Cue the Bonanza music.

For the first time since Vermeil was announced as head coach, the Chiefs have made an off season move that's really gotten me stoked for the season.

Don't get me wrong...I'm a realist. Ty Law is 32, which works out to slightly under Yoda's age for cornerbacks.

But, Herm's installation of the Cover 2 and Law's familiarity and trust that comes from playing under Edwards' wing last season puts the Chiefs in a position not known in some time.

Not since the days of Hasty & Dale Carter or Lewis & Ross (BTW....those are corner combos, not comedy duos) have the KC faithful cheered on a more potent secondary.

Surtain & Law's Pro Bowl prowess should help out KC's pass rush, which was short of nonexistent of late.

In addition, Law's intangibles and Super Bowl swagger bring a completely new attitude to the KC Defense, a distinction unseen since the tragic car crash that took Derrick Thomas from the world.

I'll even venture to say that this could be the most significant free agent signing since Montana & Marcus Allen donned the red & gold in 93, sending dreams of Lombardi trophies dancing in my head.

Welcome, Ty. There's definitely a new sheriff in this sleepy cow town.

Chiefs Nation welcomes you with open arms and strained vocal cords.

Hope you brought ear plugs.
PS: The Chiefs aren't the only KC team wheeling & dealing for the betterment of the team.

The Royals flipped RP Mike MacDougal for 2 really good minor league pitchers from the ChiSox in southpaw Tyler Lumsden & right-hander Daniel Cortes.

Great Deal. Taking this move coupled with the Gathright deal, and new Royals GM Dalton Moore is making me quite happy with his arrival in this season of discontent.

With these two arms and Gordon, Billy Butler, and Chris Lubanski powering the KC offense in a few years, the future looks bright indeed at the Truman Sports Complex off I-70.
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