03 November 2010

Growing my Mo [moustache] for Movember - Day 1 - The Shave

Maybe you've heard of Movember...maybe not.  It's a great cause where guys grow their Mo (or moustache, if you prefer) to support Men's Cancer Awareness in November.  Cool idea, since the moustache is our ribbon, that we wear proudly around all month long.  

Thousands of guys all over the world are taking part in this MO movement, including yours truly.  Tonight, I went clean shaven for the first time in a decade.  Seems like a big deal? Yeah, for me it was.  But, it's done...and I'm already feeling my way through it.  Here are some pics of the process...and KO took some video of the Shave, as it will be forever dubbed from this day forth.

The challenge: Go clean at the beginning of the month, and grow in your Tom Selleck for 30 days, with ground rules thrown in for good measure.  So, guys-- if you're reading this:  Join the cause.  Ladies -- support your boys.  It may be a bit much to see that caterpillar under our noses, just know it's for a great cause.

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