30 September 2002

Fryin' me up some Dolphin, K C Style
Well, the Chiefs continue to run up the score and scare the bejeezus out of me. Thank goodness I could sit back and watch them beat anothe undefeated team @ Arrowhead. It never fails. Go back every season for the last 8 years, and I guarantee you, 7 of those 8 years, KC has knocked off either the top team in the NFL or an undefeated team at Arrowhead. Gotta be the atmosphere. Proof positive yesterday against Miami.

Droppin' the Puck
If you need any sign that hockey season is upon us, look no further than the Great One. No, not Wayne....we're talking John.....Buccigross. That's right, Bucci's back with his first column of the new year. God bless NHL 2Night and God Bless America.
Also, I finished our beloved Cottonmouths Opener Promo Friday with just under 2 weeks till KO drops the ceremonial puck for the 02-03 Snakes season. All of you flying in for this historic event, get your tickets now.
One more thing....Blues. Red Wings. Face off Tuesday. Need I say more, people?
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