06 September 2002

A Nugget for fans of Music
Those of you who dig Pavement, you're welcome. Those who think I'm referring to blacktop, wake up and check them out.
08/01/02— Pavement - archived and committed to video
as rumoured elsewhere (well...here actually), we'll be reissuing Pavement's groundbreaking 'Slanted & Enchanted' album on October 22, completely remastered with scads of extra tracks (at least 3 outtakes, the "Summer Babe" b-sides, b-sides from the "Trigger Cut" single, the entire "Watery, Domestic" EP, plus more), liner notes from SM, Spiral, Chris Lombardi, Dan Koretzky, Gerard Cosloy, Boche Billions and other hangers-on.

On the same day, we'll also be releasing the long-awaited Pavement 2-DVD collection, 'Slow Century'. Compiling all of Pavement's videos, two live gigs with multiple camera angles, plus a 90 minute documentary by director Lance Bangs. And no exhaustive DVD set would be complete without self-serving commentary from the musicians and video directors. If only we could've hired Elvis Mitchell to lob the softball questions up there the way he did on that "Memento" DVD....well, that would've taken us another year to get together, so be thankful we didn't bother.
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