29 June 2003

Blast from the Past

courtesy espn.com

The Stars blasted past the Monarchs today as Mr. Pujols continues to prove why he is arguably the best player in baseball.

Well, at least that's what I think. This guy begs to differ.

Regardless of opinion, Pujols' numbers alone (see below) speak for themselves.

As of today, he stands fourth in the All-Star Game Voting (which, as a point of information, will be played July 15 for home field advantage in the playoffs).

So you're a baseball fan and wish to not see this travesty continue, you can still vote for him (up to 25 times) here.

If, for no other reason, than to put him in the same outfield as the great Mr. Bonds.

Pujols Watch

.391 AVG | 23 HR | 72 RBI | SLG .719 | OPS 1.170

Web Note
The Mainframe wishes to announce the addition of the PUJOLS WATCH METER along the left-hand column of your screen to be updated on a [somewhat] daily basis.

Feel free to pillage the Mainframe should he slack from his duties at the comments links below.

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