23 June 2003

Early Reviews

Per a previous post, I have received the CDs sent along by my friend Brock (See 6.17.03 post)

Some reviews:

Cursive | The Ugly Organ * * * *

Excellent. I love the how the cello really fills out the punk rock sound of this up and coming band. To be honest, I really dig the whole Saddle Creek Omaha scene right now, so it's hard for me not to like this band. If you like Desaperacidos and cellos, pick this album up.

Radiohead | Hail to the Thief * * * *

Amazing. After a difficult follow-up to Kid A with Amnesiac, The boys from Oxford dust off the guitars and get back to an OK Computer sound with this, their latest album. Not since Kid A have I enjoyed a Radiohead release immediately upon hearing it.

Neil Young | Silver & Gold * * * *

Great record, but I already knew that. Technically, this isn't a review, since I've heard the album several times. I love Neil's step back into the stripped down, acoustic of old, and this album is no different. One of my all-time favorite songs calls this vinyl home: Razor Love

Loose Fur | Loose Fur * * * *

Incredible. This side project involving the trio of Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche of Wilco, plus Jim O'Rourke of Sonic Youth and mixer on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, debut with this self-titled gorgeous complement to the aforementioned masterpiece that is YHF.
While only 6 songs, the long tracks still clock in at 40 minutes, but are filled with beautiful, sweeping melodies and O'Rourke unmatched techno contribution add the sonic weight that made YHF my favorite album.

Perfect for the Wilco/YHF fan in your life.

Coming Soon....2 albums by Superchunk, The latest from Bright Eyes, Mark Eitzel, and American Music Club.

Stay Tuned...

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