17 June 2003

Music to My Ears

I'm quite excited. My friend Brock in Kirksville is sending the first 9 of approximately 46 CDs of some long, looooong overdue purchases. They are as follows:

American Music Club-Mercury

Mark Eitzel-West

Bright Eyes-Lifted...

Cursive-The Ugly Organ

Loose Fur-Loose Fur

Radiohead-Hail to the Thief

Superchunk-Indoor Living

Superchunk-Here's to Shutting Up

Neil Young-Silver & Gold

For the record, I'm new to the American Music Club scene, but upon hearing Eitzel and the bunch, I am confident that they will be accepted.

I'm extremely anxious to hear the new Radiohead and Loose Fur. I've been holding out on it, but could wait no longer.

Hopefully, after a careful listen, I'll be able to post a little review of them....if you're lucky.

What do you guys think of these albums? I'd love to hear your thoughts...
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