02 June 2003

...Not if you were the last (Library) Junkie on Earth

I love the library.

There...I said it. For quite some time, I had forgotten how much I love it. But, KO's audio book fix has led me back. Unfortunately, because of her extremely busy schedule and infrequency of visits there, it wasn't long after I arrived in Columbus that she had fallen out of favor with our bookish friends.

So now, I have been relegated to contributing to her habit by checking out audio books for her under my name. Sorry, but the dirty secret is out.

Fortunately for her, I've renewed my fondness for the library and their collection of CDs and DVDs. While the DVD collection leaves something to be desired, at least the movies they do carry are good choices, though not completely devoid of such classics like Speed 2.

Anyway, I'm beginning to think that the gentleman whose always checking me out (my books, that is....get ye minds out of the gutter!) thinks I'm illiterate. All I ever check out are audio books, CDs, and DVDs.

KO says I'm crazy for thinking that, and that an illiterate person wouldn't even have a library card.

I hope she's right.
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