10 September 2003

Care(less) Package

This is one way to avoid the authorities. Not a smart one, but one nonetheless.

A Texas man has done what many of us have only 'dreamed of'. He shipped himself... instead of buying an airline ticket. The guy actually packed himself into a wooden cargo crate (no word on who sealed it) and mailed himself from New York to his home in Dallas, Texas. When the crate arrived at his parents' doorstep, the 25-year-old penny pincher pried open the crate with a crowbar and shook the hand of the deliveryman. But the deliveryman (obviously not amused) called the police. The cops arrested the young man on two outstanding Texas warrants, obviously providing us with another clue as to why the man decided to avoid more traditional transportation.

Hey, kids, don't try this on your own. The man survived only because he was lucky enough to get a pressurized cabin, and the entire trip took more than 12 hours. The FBI and Transportation Security Administration, meanwhile, are trying to determine what other laws he may have broken.
-MSNBC Countdown staff

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