02 September 2003

The Official Home for Your 2003 Columbus Chiefs

I know it's amazing, but this is the first year I've forayed into the uncharted waters of Fantasy Football.
If you know me, you'll undertstand and wonder how I held out this long.

There, the seal hath been broken.

Here's a look at what my league's live draft yielded on Saturday for the Chiefs on the Hooch:

Gannon, Rich (QB-Oak)
Brooks, Aaron (QB-NO)
Vick, Michael (QB-Atl)
Moulds, Eric (WR-Buf)
Robinson, Koren (WR-Sea)
Reed, Josh (WR-Buf)
Taylor, Travis (WR-Bal)
Boerigter, Marc (WR-KC)
Smith, JimmyNA (WR-Jac)
Holmes, Priest (RB-KC)
Green, William (RB-Cle)
Staley, Duce (RB-Phi)
McMichael, Randy (TE-Mia)
Jolley, Doug (TE-Oak)
Johnson, Teyo (WR, TE-Oak)

Carney, John (K-NO)

Baltimore (DEF-Bal)

The 2003 Columbus Chiefs Draft Order
1. Holmes, Priest (RB-KC)
2. Gannon, Rich (QB-Oak)
3. Moulds, Eric (WR-Buf)
4. Robinson, Koren (WR-Sea)
5. Brooks, Aaron (QB-NO)
6. Green, William (RB-Cle)
7. McMichael, Randy (TE-Mia)
8. Baltimore (DEF-Bal)
9. Reed, Josh (WR-Buf)
10. Staley, Duce (RB-Phi)
11. Carney, John (K-NO)
12. Jolley, Doug (TE-Oak)
13. Vick, Michael (QB-Atl)
14. Jones, Freddie (TE-Ari)
15. Smith, Jimmy (WR-Jac)
16. Boerigter, Marc (WR-KC)
17. Bryson, Shawn (RB-Det)

Side Note: I picked up Michael Vick in the !3th round. The steal of the draft.

Stay Tuned throughout the season for more from your hometown team.

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