25 September 2003

Life Briefing Update

Since we last posted on September 10th, The Mainframe has:

-Driven 17 hours to Michigan (Ouch).

-Picked out a Big Boy ensemble (Translation: Jacket, Gabardines, Chestnut Cap Toed Dress Shoes, and Fine Gauge Mock Turtleneck)

-Witnessed a polka dance at the wedding to the "Pennsylvania Polka" (which I first heard on "Groundhog Day")

-Attended the wedding of a friend named "Crackhouse Nikki" (Funny story)

-Met 4 of Kirsten's oldest friends on the trip...and was only slapped 3 times!!

-Visited the boyhood hometown of Kid Rock (Romeo, Michigan)

-Set up Temporary HQ at the Jan/Steve residence

-Turned 27 years old.

-Rode the Robo-Coaster.

-Seen "Lost in Translation" (Amazing) and "Italian Job" (Surprisingly Good)

-Lost my first game in the Elimination Pool (Damn you, cursed Cardinals)

-Won my first game in Fantasy Football (Go Priest)

-Played Mini Golf Twice against KO (Record 1-1)

-Drove 17 hours back to Georgia.


Good. Now we're up to speed.