01 March 2005

Trip Nostalgia

The trip down Memory Lane continues.

After finding a former classmate on my alma mater's site, and one lengthy email later, I received word from my wayward peer.
(Though, technically, since I left town, does that not make me the wayward peer? Egh...Labels.)

It was wonderful hearing from Candace and all that's happened in her life the last decade...at least, the little that can be conveyed in an email.

Not surprisingly, It seems our friend Candace has done a much better job at keeping up with our friends than I have....a shocker, I know.

Cory, not staying in touch? Surely you jest.

Well, I'll have you know that I've asked fair Candace to pass along my info to our many friends in anticipation of correspondence, and in turn, pass along their said info to moi.

I do understand that the process is a two-way street.

Let it be known that the seed is planted, and that lonely hitchhiker shuffling his feet along the road of life is ready and willing for another chance encounter.

Oh, what am I saying? I don't pick up hitchhikers....why would they?

Ugh...I'm tired of this metaphor.

Thanks Candace, for getting back to me, and making my day.

Hope all is well. Can't wait to catch up in person.
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