15 March 2005

You've Got A Classmate!

Who doesn't love the nostalgic pop-in? All of a sudden, an email or phone call from someone you've tried desperately to keeps up with, bringing a sliver of excitement to your dreary life.
C'mon people, am I alone here?

The second leg of the 2005 Nostalgic World Tour continues with a familiar (and very welcome) face re-emerging from the cybersphere.

First came the rendezous with former classmate Candace.

Now, as I'm perusing my inbox deleting the newest installments from my good friends Afladdin and the ever present Ieia Aeiaaeieaeiaa, I come across a faint but piercing subject line from Classmates:

Cory, you have mail from Jaime

An oasis in a desert of male enhancement emails.

A message from one of my dearest friends from back home...and I wasn't the one who sent it.
To add to the surprise, I had recently dug up her old phone number and, given the trip I've been partaking in lately, considered giving our good chum a ring for old timeys sake.

It seems that James beat me to the punch.

What a thrill, to hear from my long lost friend. It's always been a mixed bag of emotions that I didn't stay in touch with many of my high school chums, ranging from the brow-beating accrued for not staying in touch to the heaven sent-satisfaction of a well-placed decision.

Jaime always fell elbow deep into the former.

Therein lies the reasoning behind a reply.

Let the healing begin. The ball's back in your court, James.

Don't pull a Cory*.

* Cory n. The most obscene level of procrastination. i.e. If you don't know, you're probably not going to attempt to find out, so I'll save you a trip. Under the title Procrastinator, my picture can be found.
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