07 March 2005

What a "Wonderlic" World

NFL prospects: how many does it take to screw that pesky light bulb in?

Drop your No. 2 pencils, because the Wonderlic test scores are out and posted for your viewing (and snickering) pleasure.
An example of the Wonderlic Test can be found here.

Below is a look at some stand out scores from the class of 2005:

Your Top 5 Scores*
*(scoring system out of a possible 50)
Hangartner, Geoff (C) Texas AM 47
Smith, Alex* (QB) Utah 40
Miller, Heath* (TE) Virginia 39
Frye, Charlie (QB) Akron 38
Fitzpatrick, Ryan (QB) Harvard 38
Castillo, Luis (DT) Northwestern 37

Your Bottom 5 Scores*
Gore, Frank* (RB) Miami (FL) 6
Williams, Cedrick (CB) Kansas State 6
Patterson, Mike (DT) Southern Cal 8
Reid, Lamont (CB) North Carolina St 9
Moore, Eric (DE) Florida State 9
Montgomery, Mike (DE) Texas AM 9
Henry, Chris* (WR) West Virginia 9

One other notable score:
Brock Berlin - Miami (Fla.): 13.
Ouch....but I can't say I was surprised.
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