20 July 2005

Cards Insider Trading

It seems that the Cardinals are in the market for a few extra parts to shore up their pennant drive.

One of those said parts is a fourth outfielder, to stop the bleeding left by Reggie Sanders' injury and provide some postseason bench depth.

Hence, the following latest barb to spring forth via the ESPN rumor mill:
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Juan in the Cards?

Jul 19 - The Cardinals might have an interest in Juan Encarnacion now that Reggie Sanders is out a month with a fractured leg, ESPN.com Insider Jerry Crasnick reports. But if the Marlins deal both A.J. Burnett and Mike Lowell -- as has been rumored -- they'll free up enough salary that they won't have to move Encarnacion, who is quietly having a productive season for a Florida team that's lacking in offense. He's third on the Marlins with 52 RBI and showing more patience than he has in the past.
My 2 cents: I'm interested to see what STL would have to relinquish in order to pull this off, but if the price is right....I could see this one happening.
Your thoughts?
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