06 July 2005

Waiting For Superman

"It's just too heavy
for Superman
to lift"
-Flaming Lips,
"Waitin' for Superman, The Soft Bulletin"

The quote above is from one of my favorite Lips songs on their amazing album, The Soft Bulletin.

But, this post refers to a different artist, Sufjan Stevens.

This artist's quest to do an album focusing on every individual state in the Union, while daunting, is only 2 albums old, but controversy is already afoot in the Midwest.

After the successful release of the project's debut, Greetings from Michigan, The Great Lakes State, the follow up, due out July 5, hits a snag courtesy of The Man of Steel.

It seems that copyright issues with the cover of Illinoise led Sufjan's record label, Asthmatic Kitty, to stop sales of the album until the matter was resolved.

One day later, after an onslaught of the newly minted rare gem started hitting $80.00 in some places on eBay, Illinoise is back for sale....for now. The good news: The "Superman" cover is back for sale, but never to be printed again.

So, I'm off to Best Buy after work, hoping to find my Superman, if only for a little rare slice of album cover art not seen since the banned Tenacious D cover.

Wish me luck.
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