26 July 2005


Better Blogging Tip #4,192:

Are you tired of people having to leave your site after they click on a link? How are they ever going to find their way back?

What's that? The BACK button, you say? That is Sooo 2004, my friend.

Here's a tip from me to you on how to cut out that dreaded middleman we call the BACK Button and get that link to pop up in a separate window.

Look at your site link codes on your template....they'll probably look something like this:


Look familiar?
Well, by adding TARGET=_blank inside the brackets of your address on your template page, you can make that link click pop up is its own window!

See example below:
"http//yoursiteaddy.com" TARGET=_blank

Now, wasn't that a walk in the park? Now, you can say that you've learned something today.

Happy Blogging!

This has been a public service announcement made possible by readers like you.
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