04 September 2005

Flesh for Fantasy

Tonight I picked my third and final fantasy team.

This was the easiest by far, with just 6 teams in the league. The other league I'm in each have 12, so I got to really enjoy putting together a dominant team.

As always, if you're a fantasy person and wish to chime in on my picks, feel free.

These are the starting positions for each week (head2head)

2 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE

1 K

I can already see the SportsLady rolling her eyes, so let's get to it:

Los Diablos
3rd pick of 6 teams - Snake draft

1(3) Shaun Alexander RB SEA
Just for B-Pizzle: Roll Tide!
2(10) Trent Green QB KC
Gotta get one homey on the team
3(15) Deuce McAllister RB NO
The Deuce is Loose
4(22) Jamal Lewis RB BALT
I don't know how he falls this far...no brainer.
5(27) Ahman Green RB GB
In the first 5 rounds, I got 4 of my top ten...I'm happy.
6(34) Javon Walker WR GB1st WR I took, I got a top 6 guy in round 6...still happy.
7(39) Antonio Gates TE SD
Gonzo went to my dad the pick before...bandwagon pick...not complaining.
8(46) Michael Vick QB ATL
My big reach of the draft…hoping he proves us all wrong..but, just in case, I’m taking…
9(51) Tom Brady QB NE
Ultimate Winner…and a pretty solid fantasy QB.
10(58) Michael Clayton WR TB
Top 10 projected WR a steal in round 10
11(63) Jerry Porter WR OAK
The yin to Moss’ yang…will put up big number from Randy’s double teams.
12(70) Carson Palmer QB CINCY
Insurance…could have a big year 3 with Chad Johnson.
13(75) Larry Fitzgerald WR ARIZ
A big year expected from me for the soph.
14(82) Carnell Williams RB TB
Say it with me…”War Eagle!”
15(87) Eagles D/ST
Projected top 5 defense
16(94) Bengals D/ST
Projected #2 defense
17(99) Muhsin Muhammed WR CHI
Last year top fantasy WR a steal if Kyle Orton’s preseason translate into the real schedule.
18(106) Bengals D/ST
Another homer pick…Dante Hall and the special teams alone make it a solid pick
19(111) Dallas Clark TE IND
Things I love about a 6team league…a projected top 5 TE still there in the 19th.
Things I hate: See Above.
20(118) Mike Vanderjagt K IND
Gotta get me an idiot kicker.
21(123) Chester Taylor RB BALT
Handcuff to Jamal Lewis…in case he heads back to jail.
Here's a look at the projected starters for the Diablos:

QB - Trent Green
QB - Michael Vick/Tom Brady
RB - Shaun Alexander
RB - Jamal Lewis
WR - Javon Walker
WR - Michael Clayton/Muhammed/Porter
TE - Antonio Gates
WR/RB - Deuce McAlliser/Ahman Green

K - Vanderjagt

DEF - Eagles
DEF - Bengals/Chiefs
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