23 September 2005

A Little Too Much Information…

I’ve always liked the above phrase, to defuse something that was best left unsaid.

I just watched the live feed of Governor Perdue’s “don’t panic” speech.

He says that the gas supply should be fine, and if all Georgians pull together, the gas supply will be fine.

Then, he promply “encourages” all schools in Georgia to cancel school for the next 2 days (Monday and Tuesday).
Now, the phones are ringing, and it’s got the feeling of Gas Panic Gate all over again.

You had me at gas supply, gov…but canceling school?

That shouldn’t raise any eyebrows at all.

It’s like the guy that tells a funny story, keeping everyone in stitches, then pushes the envelope a little too far, and suddenly everyone’s quiet.

Sonny…Dawg…you should’ve stopped while you were ahead.

Let the panic begin.
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